Real Estate

Since 1991 we have been providing services to foreign investors in the Czech Republic, mostly in Prague. We provide the following services:

  • establishment of Czech companies
  • purchasing real estate
  • eviction of tenants
  • reconstruction
  • renting/selling properties

High annual yields have been driven by increasing tourism and the growing international importance of Prague.

Before the crisis (2008-9), new housing developments were yielding a 40% - 50% net profit (before taxation) in relation to private equity, thanks to the leverage of banking facilities. A basic operation lasts 30 months: purchasing, projection and engineering, construction or reconstruction and finally selling. Generally, the purchase of the land is financed from private equity.

Reference Projects

  • Acquisition of a 5 storey building in Svornost Street n. 30, Prague 5 in 1992. We provided support in the reconstruction and assisted in the selling process.
  • Acquisition of a 6 storey building in Opatovicka Street n. 4, Prague 1 in 1995. We followed the entire reconstruction, which included the construction of another storey. We have been administrating the building for our clients since 1996, it has fully rented so far.
  • Acquisition of a 5 storey building in Krasova Street n. 22, Prague 3: the same reconstruction and administration as the previous building. Both properties have been rented for over 10 years to foreign clients, with a high performance level (almost all the flats are presently occupied).
  • Acquisition of luxurious apartments in Prague 1, near Charles Bridge. We decorated the apartments with Italian furniture and presently we rent them to foreign tourists or businessmen.
  • Acquisition of a 20,000 m2 plot 40 km away from Prague, for the construction of new industrial halls, which manufacture plastic components.
  • Acquisition of two industrial sites of 2,400 m2 in Roudnice, an industrial district 35 km away from Prague. This land was used for the installation of an industrial plant, which already operates in manufacturing plastic components. The plant will be expanded soon.
  • Acquisition of a country estate 40 Km from Prague. We assisted in the demolition and reconstruction of an International Conference Centre with sports facilities, a playing field and an administrative building. This acquisition gave us an overview of the Czech countryside. There are good unexplored opportunities to develop hotels, golf camps, ski sites, horse farms, hunting sites, etc. The prices are relatively low and the potential returns are attractive.
  • Acquisition of plot on Zatlanka 7 in Prague 5, where was constructed a building with 51 flats, 50 places for underground parking and non-residential area on the ground floor.

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